Yentec Rewards Information - Yentec Ecuador

Yentec Rewards is a program created for any natural person or company who wants to join. Basicly you get discounts rather than points. (We may add the points system later on, it's still in planning, ETA May 2010)

We are still starting, in an early stage. Thank you for your loyalty!

You'll get your member number up to 24 hours after joining.

You will recieve a monthly statement with your balance in the mail and also online, you'll recieve more details when you sign-up.

Tiers Discount %
Non-Member** 0
Standard Memeber (Entry-Level) 3
Gold* 5
Platinum* 10

* Gold and Platinum members get priority when ordering, and when using the Customer Support Portal (faster response times)

They can also opt-in to get Exclusive Offers and Exclusive News.

More Features: Comming Soon!

Members get an additional 5% off on their Birthday Week (if birthdate was submitted during registration)


** Except when they use a coupon or if the item its on sale, then they will get the respective discount.